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Power & Lighting

Garden & external lighting/power

Garden lighting is one of our specialist fields!

The garden is an area which we are very capable of putting across ideas from our past experiences and for you to reap the benefits.

Obviously if you have some ideas already we can work with you to put them into practice. You will have the advantage of us being the designer & installer and all of our installers are directly employed by us (no use of sub contractors).

We can install lighting /power into an existing garden as well as a newly landscaped one, we can design your lighting from a plan if it is under construction by landscapers and we can work efficiently alongside landscapers to create an outstanding night scape in your garden.

We have access to a vast range of garden lights on the market and we are constantly looking for new and better lights/ideas.

Switching and powering your lights

We regularly use remote control systems, which means you, can have the option of separate switching areas within your garden without the need for us to run cabling to switches inside your house.

Other methods of controlling your external lighting would be via timers; photocells or standard wall switches all of these we can cater for.

Most commonly the power supply would come directly from the consumer unit, any external power you may already have or garage power. We would access the most practical place to extract power from during a site visit.

Lighting for safety

6 outdoor spaces to light your property

  1. Roadway luminaires
  2. Motion sensor floodlights
  3. Mounted luminaires
  4. Landscape luminaires
  5. Motion sensor recessed lights

Security Lighting

Security lighting acts as a deterrent for protecting your property. It’s also very useful for lighting up the outside of your home. We use and recommend L.E.D. wired security lights that give you full control over its use and mode (sensor or continuous) without the inconvenience of having to go outside to override the settings.

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