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Electric vehicle charging points are increasingly in demand and while there are now more than 42,000 charge point connectors across the UK in over 15,500 locations, there are several benefits to installing a home-based or workplace electric vehicle charger that can make it a better option compared to relying on a public charger.

Our electricians are fully qualified, trained and equipped to install domestic, commercial and workplace EV charging points to a high standard.

Finding the right charging solution can be daunting and this is where we come in. Our experienced electricians will work with you from start to finish while guiding you throughout the process.

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EV Charging Connector Types:

What You Need to Know

When charging your electric vehicle at home, workplace or at a public station, you would need to ensure that, the cable which connects the charging station with your vehicle has the right plug on both ends. In other words, the outlet of the charging station has to match the outlet of your car.

Here are the different connector types:

Alternative Current plugs (AC)

Type 1

Type 1 is a single-phase plug and is standard for EVs from America and Asia. It allows you to charge your car at a speed of up to 7.4 kW, depending on the charging power of your car and grid capability.

Type 2

Type 2 plugs are triple-phase plugs because they have three additional wires to let current run through. So naturally, they can charge your car faster. At home, the highest charging power rate is 22 kW, while public charging stations can have a charging power up to 43 kW, again depending on the charging power of your car and grid capability.

Direct Current plugs (DC)


The CCS plug is an enhanced version of the type 2 plug, with two additional power contacts for the purposes of quick charging. It supports AC and DC charging. It allows charging at a speed of up to 350 kW.


This quick charging system was developed in Japan, and allows for very high charging capacities as well as bidirectional charging. Currently, Asian car manufacturers are leading the way in offering electric cars that are compatible with a CHAdeMO plug. It allows charging up to 100 kW.

Our Process Is Simple


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Site Survey

Our engineers will carry out a site survey ahead of time to find the best place to install your new EV charger.


On the day of installation, given that there are no obstacles, our skilled engineers will carry out the work to be highest standard. Advising you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need off-road parking, like a driveway or garage, and you need to be able to get power to it. You’ll also want to get a wallbox installed

We do not advise you do this as a regular 2.4kW three-pin wall socket will mean you’re looking at very, very long charging times – in excess of 35 hours depending on the car. That’s an entire working week’s worth of hours just to charge your batteries.

You’ll want to slash those charging times by getting a wallbox charger installed.

To get the best wall charging unit for you, you’ll now need to make a number of decisions:

  • Tethered or untethered
  • Type of plug
  • Rate of power
  • Smart or not

Four types of plugs exist, two for alternating current (AC) which allow charging up to 43 kW and two for direct current (DC) which allow fast charging up to 350 kW.

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There is no single power option. For all UK homes, a typical power is up to 7.4kW.

There are money saving options available. We can discuss these with you. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Smart chargers are charge points that can be accessed remotely and will usually work via an app on your smartphone. This allows you to monitor your car’s charging with the possibility to choose when your car charges.

The challenges faced with smart charging is with keeping costs down in comparison to regular chargers.

There are a number of excellent ev charging point manufacturers to choose from. This will depend on factors such as cost or other features.

We will provide a range of high quality charging points from leading manufacturers or guide you in choosing from the best.

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The challenges faced with smart charging is with keeping costs down in comparison to regular chargers.

Depending on many factors such as power supply, charge speed, or manufacturer, it can typically costs anywhere between £450 and £1,200 to buy and install a wallbox.

Our installation rates are competitive and come with a wide range of benefits including but not limited to maintenance, high standard service, cleaning the area upon completion and great aftercare.

There are also Government grants available for tenants, homeowners (conditions apply) and Landlords. Click here to find out more.